Bitcoin Services We Provide

Below is a list of our services, click on the pretty green + signs for detailed information.

Bitcoin ATMs For Buying Bitcoin

To see where our first machine is Click Here
To find out how to use the machine here’s a Short Guide.

Our first bitcoin ATM uses multiple trading exchanges to hedge against price differences. This ensures our machine will always offer the best price. If you can find the price anywhere cheaper then contact us and we’ll try match it.

We own our machines outright, so nobody dictates what exchanges we use and what commission we have to charge, keeping us highly competitive. A Robocoin ATM for example takes 50% of the purchase commission from all their ATM operators!

Bitcoin Brokerage (Buying And Selling)

Buying Bitcoin – For people who can’t make it to our machine or with large amounts of cash. Just deposit your money into our bank account from anywhere in Ireland. Once it’s confirmed we’ll send you your bitcoins. Large amounts may take us longer, but we’ll tell you in advance and explain to you your options. With online banking, it’s possible to buy Bitcoin from your couch!

Commission rate starts at 5%. For amounts over 2,000 euro the % may be negotiated.

Selling Bitcoin – 0% commission (Robocoin charges you 5% to sell)

When clients sell us their Bitcoin, they’re saving us from paying -

  • Wire Transfers
  • Online Trading Exchange Fees
  • Exchange Withdrawal Fees
  • Cash Handling Bank Charges.

Bitcoins are transferred into our trading account instantly. Price is arranged over the phone and a buy price is double confirmed via email minutes later.

Once the Bitcoins land in our wallet we process the transaction, and arrange a next day cash deposit into your Irish bank or Post Office account. Large amounts may take up to 5 working days to get into your account.

This express service is a sensible approach to money laundering concerns. To sell Bitcoin back into euro in any other way would be reckless and ignorant.

We need to show our own banking system and government that Bitcoin is manageable. Bitcoin needs a cleaner public image, and that starts with Bitcoin merchants acting responsibly.

VIP Cold Storage” For Clients With Large Collections Of Coins.


  • Vaulted security
  • 24 hour phone support
  • Private meeting rooms (swept with scanners)
  • Limousine service
  • Anti-tiger kidnapping practices enforced

We have witnessed a £750,000 wallet robbery, even though the owner spent £10,000 on encryption. The only way forward for holders of large amounts of Bitcoin is offline storage.

Starts May 1st, Contact us for more details. New clients must provide their wallet address and authenticate it for us before a meeting can be arranged. Clients are subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

Your identity will be kept strictly confidential. Sensitive information is stored offline.

Bitcoin ATM Services For Retailers

We provide all tech support, cash withdrawals, exchange management and pro-marketing as a part of our service. We will literally put your machine on the map!

Our ATMs currently retail at bulk prices plus shipping and offer a very affordable and sustainable business model. All our machines can be wall mounted and take up just 0.25sqm

The ATMs can be adapted to sell other crypto-currencies such as Litecoin.

For more detailed information please contact us with your name, phone number and your proposed location. Subject to BitVendo terms and conditions.




“Our web server holds no sensitive information, it just hosts a wordpress website.”

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