Its very simple, we’ve timed this at 12 seconds, all you need to do is -

  1. Walk up to our machine
  2. Scan the machine with a QR code that links to your bitcoin wallet.
  3. Insert your cash
  4. And finally confirm your bitcoin purchase…

Here’s a very cute video of 2 little girls using the machine.

Bitcoins are stored in wallets and there is a large amount of them to chose from, we recommend using or the wallets. Don’t download anything new or untested, only go with the proven wallets to be safe.

You can download a free wallet app onto your smartphone or print off your QR code and bring it with you. We recommend using a printed QR code just incase somebody steals your phone or if you lose it after a heavy nights drinking (seriously… don’t lose your Bitcoin wallet, it’s not like forgetting your Facebook password, in some cases you can’t get them back.)

After you create a wallet you should be able to create a QR code like this (see example below). This QR code represents your bitcoin wallet, and tells our ATM where to send the coins. If you want to buy bitcoins for somebody else then just flash their QR code instead.

qrcode.19022713 How Does It Work?

The machine will then present you with the current market rate before buying. We prefer using BTC-e and BitStamp exchanges for trading and try to use the cheapest one to ensure our prices are competitive.

If you would like to buy 50 euro’s worth then just insert 50 euro and you will get that exact amount minus our small commission (3-5%). You can use note sizes between 5-100 euro, so if you have 64 euro in your pocket, then the most you can buy is 60 euro.

After purchasing, the machine will play a little celebratory chime. The bitcoin network takes between 30 seconds ~ 10 minutes for the transaction to get verified by the bitcoin miners(Somebody went to town making this video.. kudos!). Rumour has it the transaction will get verified 25,000 times before being sent through!

While you wait a moment for the coins to be received we recommend taking a selfie with the ATM, it’s not everyday you get to buy Bitcoin with Ireland’s first ever bitcoin ATM.. icon smile How Does It Work?

NOTE: If something drastically goes wrong then phone the emergency phone number next to the machine and we will talk you through it. DO NOT LEAVE. Hiccups can appear in the bitcoin network, or maybe the builders next door blew a fuse. Wait a full 10 minutes and then phone us if you haven’t received your coins, we are here to help, so relax and let us take care of the gremlins.